This tutorial will assist you in adding an event to the website calendar. For a sample event calendar entry and event flyer template, see the Technology Committee FAQ attachments.

  • Click "Submit an Event." You will be presented with the event input form consisting of five tabs. You only need to fill out two of them: Common and Calendar.
  • Common Tab - Enter all information about your event (except for the date and time) in the fields provided:
    • Subject: (Required) This will serve as the title for the event in the event listing and in the "Upcoming Events" modules on pages throughout the website. For technical lectures, please use a specific title (e.g., "Rehabilitation of the FDR Drive" instead of "March Technical Lecture") if available.
    • Categories:(Required) Please choose your group or branch from the list. Choose "Other" if you are posting an event for a professional organization outside the ASCE Met Section.
    • Description: This area is used to summarize the event details (e.g., abstract, speaker, PDHs, cost, etc.) and can include a copy of an event flyer as a PDF attachment (See Help: Adding a File).
    • Location: Enter location information here on one line, separated by commas. (Example: Arup, 155 Ave. of the Americas, 11th Floor, New York, NY)
    • Contact: Enter contact information here on one line. (Example: John Doe at 212-555-5555 or .
    • Extra Info: You can use this section to add miscellaneous information about the event (Example: Refreshments served at 5:30 pm). This field is limited to 250 characters.
  • Calendar Tab - Enter the date and time of your event:
    • When entering dates in the Start Date and End Date fields, you may either enter the date in the field provide in this format—YYYY-MM-DD—or you can click the button next to the field to open the date picker. The function of each of the buttons in the date picker is displayed in the bottom row of the picker, below the calendar. Make sure you do not skip this step, because if no date is entered today's date will be inserted.
    • When entering times in the Start Time and End Time fields, use the format HH:MM and select AM or PM. Alternatively, you can check off the "All day Event or Unspecified time" box for all day events or if the time has not been determined.
    • Use the "Repeat" function for multiple-day events.
  • Click the "Save" button at the top of the page.

Upon submission, the website Publisher will receive an e-mail alert. Your event will be published to the site after review, or you will be alerted via email of any necessary changes prior to publication. Once the event is published, you will be able to make edits to the event details.