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Construction Achievement Project of the Year Award Print E-mail

This award is presented, in recognition of excellence and unique application of civil engineering principles, for a major construction project completed within the past year within the New York metropolitan area. The Construction Achievement Award was instituted by the Metropolitan Section in 1966. Entities eligible for the award include engineers, owners and/or contractors.

2013 Recipient:

Annadale Road Storm & Sanitary Sewers and Stream Restoration BMP

New York City Department of Design and Construction
New York City Department of Environmental Protection

DiFazio Industries, Inc.

Resident Engineer

The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) partnered on a $14 million capital construction/improvement project on Annadale Road, Arden Avenue and adjacent streets in Staten Island, New York.

The primary purpose of the project was to improve the overall quality of water in two ways. The first was to permit homes in the project area to connect to the city’s sewer system via newly installed sanitary sewers, breaking away from their reliance on septic tanks, which often fail and seep into the groundwater, degrading the overall groundwater quality. The second was to prevent the frequent flooding that occurred in the streets after rain events by directing storm water from a newly constructed conventional storm water system into a newly constructed Best Management Practice Area (BMP), BMP-SB5, in the Sweet Brook watershed area.

A total of 136 homes were connected to the new sanitary sewer line that was installed as part of this project. This was achieved by installing 7,275 feet of ESVP sanitary sewers on piles, which ran under the center of most streets, and extending lateral house services from the sewers to homes under the sidewalk of each property. The house services were placed where homeowners would incur the lowest costs when connecting to the City’s sewer system following a detailed survey of each property. A total of 3,100 feet of lateral connections were made.

Storm water is now directed into the natural drainage corridor via conventional methods (catch basins, connections, manholes, chambers and various diameter ESVP, RCP, FTRC and HERC storm sewers on piles) at relatively high velocities. In order to accommodate and slow this water down so it can be properly filtered through sedimentation and biological processing, the project included the restoration of 600 linear feet of stream channels, the installation of larger culverts along Grantwood Avenue, and the grading and stabilization of a 3-acre adjacent floodplain with native and new plant species. The new channel and floodplain will temporarily retain storm water during heavy rain, and combined with the culvert, will reduce downstream street flooding. The BMP has the capacity to remove up to 90% of the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in the storm water before it is released into Sweet Brook. Headwalls and retaining walls were also constructed.

The goal was to create a more functional natural drainage system to convey, store, and filter storm water by combining conventional storm sewers and BMPs, creating an integrated storm water management system.

Additional project work included the installation of 4,600 linear feet of storm sewers on piles, some via microtunneling, 67 catch basins and connections, replacement of 3,850 linear feet of water mains, 23 fire hydrants, and 28,025 square yards of new roadway.

Past Recipients:

2012 Replacement of the Willis Avenue Bridge
Owner: New York City Department of Transportation
Contractor: Kiewit Constructors, Inc. / Weeks Marine, JV
Designer: Hardesty & Hanover, LLP
Resident Engineer: Willis Avenue Bridge Company - A Joint Venture of Parsons and STV Incorporated
2011 Madison Avenue Trenchless Technology
Owner: New York City Department of Design and Construction and New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Contractor: Halcyon Construction Corp.
Designer: New York City Department of Design and Construction
Research & Development: Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Urban Utility Center
Construction Inspection: HAKS
2010 Gowanus Expressway Viaduct Rehabilitation
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: DeFoe Corp.
Designer: Bechtel/Charles H. Sells/URS Tri-Venture
Resident Engineering: HAKS/AECOM, JV
2009 Realignment of Drury Lane and Construction of a New Access Road to Stewart International Airport
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Lancaster Development, Inc.
Designer: Berger Lehman Associates, P.C.
Resident Engineering: HAKS/AECOM, JV
2008 FDR Drive – East 54th Street to 63rd Street and Outboard Detour Roadway
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Slattery Skanska/Weeks Marine, JV
Designer: HDR|Daniel Frankfurt
Resident Engineering: Jacobs Edwards and Kelcey/URS, JV
2007 Route 9A Promenade South Project
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Conti of New York, LLC
Designer: Vollmer Associates
Resident Engineering: DMJM+Harris (prime), The RBA Group, KS Engineering
2006 Reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from Broadway to 25th Street
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Slattery Skanska, Inc.
Designer: URS Corporation/Dewberry
Resident Engineer: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.
2005 LIE/Cross Island Parkway Interchange Improvement Project
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Perini Corporation
Engineer: Vollmer Associates
2004 Reconstruction of the Bruckner Interchange
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractor: Defoe Corporation
Construction Management: HAKS Engineers (Prime Consultant), Edwards & Kelcey Engineers, Inc, (Subconsultant)
2003 Reconstruction of Route 9A from 57th Street to Battery Place
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Contractors: Tully Construction, Perini Corporation, Felix Equities, Grace Industries, and Yonkers Construction
2002 CUNY, Baruch College New Vertical Campus
Owner: Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
Contractor: TDX Construction Corp.
2001 Williamsburg Bridge Contract 6, Transit Structure
New York City Department of Transportation
Parsons Transportation Group
Slattery Skanska
2000 63rd Street Tunnel Connector
Slattery Skanska, Inc.
1999 Reconstruction of the Williamsburg Bridge South Roadways
Perini/O&G II (Joint Venture)
1998 Fordham Plaza Bridge
Slattery Skanska, Inc.
1997 New York Hospital Expansion Project
Lehrer McGovern Bovis
1996 Land Based Sludge Management Program, Phase 1 - Sludge Dewatering Facilities
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Hazen & Sawyer P.C./Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation (Joint Venture)
General Contractors Association
1995 New Croton Gatehouse and Temporary Construction Cofferdam
Mergentime Corp./J.F. White Contracting Corp. (Joint Venture)
1994 Reconstruction of the World Trade Center
Karl Koch Erecting Corp.
Slattery Associates Inc.
H. Sand & Co., Inc.
1993 Morton Street Emergency Exit and Ventilation Shaft
Perini Corp.
1992 Empire Railway Connection Project
Delmar Construction Company
1991 Construction of the LIE Collector and Distributor Roads beneath the LIRR, Queens
New York State Department of Transportation
Andrews & Clark
Slattery Associates, Inc.
1990 Rehabilitation of the FDR Drive between 79th & 90th Streets
John P. Picone, Inc.
1989 Archer Avenue Subway
General Contractors Association
1988 Mid-Manhattan Water Tunnel
New York City Board of Water Supply
Martin Hauptman
1987 North River Water Pollution Control Project
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
General Contractors Association
1986 Statue of Liberty Restoration
Lehrer/McGovern, Inc.
1985 Rehabilitation of the FDR Drive - South Street Viaduct
New York State Department of Transportation
New York City Department of Transportation
Blauvelt Engineering Co.
P.R.C. Harris Inc.
Yonkers Contracting Co., Inc.
1984 Trump Tower
Trump Equitable
Fifth Avenue Co.
Swanke Hayden Connell
HRH Construction Co.
1983 Lexington Avenue Station of the 63rd Street Subway Tunnel
Schiavone Contracting Co.
Crimmins Contracting Co.
1982 Beth Israel Medical Center Expansion & Modernization Project
R. Rosenwasser
Schumann, Lichtenstein & Claman
W.J. Barney
1981 Palace Hotel
Irwin G. Cantor
Emery Roth
Dic Underhill
Morse Diesel
Helmsley Spear
1980 Bowery Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant
Horn Construction
1979 Hempstead Resources Recovery Facility
Charles Velzy Assoc.
Parsons & Whittemore
Town of Hempstead
1978 Citicorp Center
HRH Construction Corp.
LeMessurier Associates
Emery Roth & Sons
1977 Archer Avenue Subway
Emanuel Ciminello, Sr.
1976 Roosevelt Island
David I. Ozerkis
1975 North Branch Intercepting Sewer, Contract 3
Terence G. McKusker
1974 Waterside Housing Development
Richard Ravitch
1973 63rd Street Tunnel
Clark Hestmark
1972 Bruckner Interchange
John D. Saunders
1968 Middle Income Housing
Alfonso A. DiMeo
1966 Lincoln Center
Col. William Powers