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History of the Infrastructure Group Print E-mail
In 1989-1990, the Met Section Board of Directors acknowledged the need for the formation of a new technical group, the purpose of which would be to address the issues of infrastructure engineering and the state of the public works sector.

A task committee, thus formed, was composed of Therios Lefcochilos, representing the Board of Directors, Wayne Tusa of the Engineering Management Group, Robert Hintersteiner of the Transportation Group, Bruce Schultz of the Environmental Engineering Group, and Joseph Beim of the Urban Planning Group. This committee decided to consolidate the activities of the participating groups within the scope of responsibility of a new infrastructure group.

A call for new members was published in the April 1990 Met Section newsletter brought the membership of the group to almost thirty professionals, representing a large spectrum of public agencies, the private sector, and the academia. The founding members of the group were the following:

Ari Adini
Ernie Athanailos
Joe Beim
Al Berg
Emil Dul
Bud Griffis
Peter Gyulavary
Douglas Hill
Chuck Hymes
Mohammad Karamouz
Jagtar S. Khinda
Therios Lefcochilos
Marcos Loizias
Mohammed Longi
Christian Meyer
Bob Olmsted
Michael Plottel
Paul Rich
Bolivar Sarmiento
Bruce Schultz
Robert Schumacher
Sam Schwartz
Wayne Tusa
Irwin Weinbaum
Tim Weiss
Costas Yaijakis

Several task committees were formed to address in depth pertinent subjects on energy supply, transportation, maintenance, reconstruction, education & research, data based systems, waste management, urban redevelopment, and communication systems.

Past Infrastructure Group Chairs:

1997-2012 Jagtar S. Khinda
1995-1997 Alexander I. Simon
1994-1995 Sotiris Pagdadis
1992-1994 Christian Meyer
1990-1992 Therios Lefcochilos

Past Engineering Management Group Chairs:

1988-90 Wayne K. Tusa

Past Environmental Engineering Group Chairs:

1988-1990 Bruce Shultz
1987-1988 Wayne K. Tusa
1985-1987 Janine B. Witko
1984-1985 Wayne K. Tusa
1982-1984 Trevor Ibbotson
1981-1982 Edwin Polese
1980-1981 Albert Machlin
1979-1980 George R. Fisette
1977-1979 Joseph Fioraliso
1976-1977 Mohan Jethwani
1975-1976 James A. Muller
1974-1975 Herbert L. Kaufman
1973-1974 Albert Machlin

Past Transportation Group Chairs:

1987-1990 Robert Hintersteiner
1983-1987 Martin S. Taub
1981-1983 Mike Chasin
1979-1981 Daniel J. Wallace
1978-1979 Jeffrey Hallock
1977-1978 Thomas A. Gawley
1975-1977 George A. Burpee
1973-1975 Carl S. Selinger
1971-1973 Mayer Horn
1970-1971 Robert Olmsted
1967-1969 Robert Schumacher
1966-1967 David Caplan

Past Urban Planning Group Chairs:

1987-1990 Joseph Beim
1986-1987 Robert Eschbacher
1984-1986 Joseph Beim
1982-1984 Robert Eschbacher
1980-1982 Charles Fausti
1978-1980 Satoshi Oishi
1977-1978 Edward F. Sullivan
1975-1977 A. M. Anderson
1974-1975 Martin Goldstein
1971-1974 Irving Scheinbart

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