YMC Monthly Meeting: December
Date: 12/2/2015
Time: 6pm
Location: Hiarni Office
Eric Hirani
Rafiqul Chowdhury
Doug Das
Belinda Leung
Matthew Thogersen
Stephen Levine
Yan Huang
Rich Bettencourt
PE Info session: On November 11th a PE info session was held at Hofstra university and overall the event was a success with a good showing in attendance and the presenters were outstanding giving
great advice for future engineers.
RSVP – Officers need to make commit to events, canceling an hour before a meeting is not acceptable. Moving forward events will be planned a month in advance, reviews of flyers will be cut down 1 review.
Student outreach update:
Stoney Brook – Rafiqul had a kick of meeting with the students discussing the industry. Had informed
them about an intern program his company has started to gain experience. The school has received a
$5k sponsorship for Concrete canoe. A resume review in being planned for January-February
NCC - Stephen have tried to reach out with Rob Ervolina with no success, Stephen will make contact
with Rob Ervolina to discuss a plan of action for the Spring. Looking into a resume review in march during the Green day event.
Hofstra – September/October had a general meeting, spoke to their board about events for habitat and resumes review, will maintain contact to deliver a plan of action. Will look into getting sponsorship for concrete canoe.
Doug will need written updates from the student outreach officers about goals, plan of action and what
will be achieved at the end of the year. This update should be sent by December 15th through email to
Byran Gomes of the Met Section and Doug Das with Rafiqul, Yan and Stephen cc’d in the
Approximate monies Spent
- 2 officers meeting - $83.00
- 1 PE info session - $100.00
- Dave & Buster - $60.00
All expenses going towards student outreach events will go through Bryan Gomes, Eric will not be tracking cost.
Upcoming Events:
Islander Game: January – Doug & Stephen
Skiing Trip: February - Matt
Bowling: March-April- Belinda
Habitat for humanity: March – Matt
Executive Forum: Matt, Eric & Doug have made several contacts who may be interested in participating in the event, possible location Domenico’s YMC membership – Possibly leaving pamphlets in office break rooms
Toys-for-Tots: Rafiqul will take lead and coordinate drop off location where all officers will meet and donate.
These minutes have been written by Richard Bettencourt and were approved on 12/3/2015