On September 17th, Bryan Gomes hosted a joint meeting between members of student ASCE chapters in the NYC area and the Younger Member Forum. The purpose of this meeting was to do some initial planning, get to know each other, network, and start off the new year on the right foot in regards to student outreach efforts. Representatives from Manhattan College, City College of NY, Cooper Union, Columbia, and Stony Brook were all in attendance. During the meeting, attendees discussed organizational changes that would facilitate better planning and more events: every school would have a representative within the YMF, typically someone who has attended the school. Representatives spoke first hand with the student chapter president. It was beneficial to all to meet face to face at this meeting.

The group discussed some events that they already have in the works: sending YMF members to Student Chapter meetings to introduce the YMF and connecting with them; requesting student volunteers for the National Convention; organizing resume workshops, and inviting more students to take part in the YMF Mentoring Program, which is currently in a pilot program this year. There was a discussion as to which schools would be willing and able to host events. A talk was organized with Met Section Governor Tony Cioffi, P.E. at Cooper Union. The event was useful as many people were able to meet other, and it had the added benefit  of increased student attendance at YMF events.