The International Committee was formed at a kickoff meeting at the United Engineering Center on January 24, 1994 with the objectives of helping Met Section members interact with engineering professional bodies of other countries and organizing lectures and seminars where important engineering projects in other countries can be presented to the general membership. The committee was elevated to a technical group in 1997-1998.

One of the group's first initiatives was the development of a Guide to Civil Engineering Projects In and around New York City, a pocket-size booklet that could be used by the public and visitors. The first edition was published in 1997 and the second edition was released in 2009.

Past Chairs:

2012-2014 Linda Chien
2010-2012 Ismail Karatas
2009-2010 Dennis Wu
2008-2009 Cem Altuntas
2006-2008 Raheel Malik
2004-2006 Armen K. Boyajian
2002-2004 Genaro Lozano
2000-2002 Chee K. Lai
1998-2000 Lars Christian Ingerslev
1997-1998 Nick Massand